Herbert Terner
Saturday, 26 February 1921 - Thursday, 28 May 2020
Funeral Date: Sunday, 31 May 2020

Herbert Terner, age 99, a World War 11 hero, passed away peacefully on Thursday, May 28, 2020.
He was born in Brooklyn, New York and married Frances Siegel, from Bensonhurst, Brooklyn in 1942. He was an Army Airborne Paratrooper/Pathfinder/Radio Expert from the 101st company, "Screaming Eagles" and parachuted out of C47's. The 101st later became the Green Berets in the 1960's. They were renowned for their role in Operation Overlord DDay on June 6, 1944, in Normandy, France. He landed first on DDay and called in the troops to Utah Beach. He then liberated Paris and Belgium and fought in the Battle of the Bulge and Operation Market Garden. Next, he liberated the Netherlands, taking and blowing up of 4 strategic bridges. Finally, they marched into the Rhineland and then the war was over. At the end of the war, his company went into the extermination camps and took anyone out that was still alive. He earned 6 Battle Stars, Good Conduct Medal and the Distinguished Unit Badge. His Army company was depicted in the HBO series "Band of Brothers" and the movie "Saving Private Ryan." He was an American hero.

After the war, he joined his family in the glass bottle business. He had three children, Denise, Carole and Marc. He is survived by his daughter, Carole.
He had 8 grandchildren: Adam, Randy, Amy, Mikelle, Jaqueline, Matthew, Jordan and Brittany. He had twelve great-grandchildren: Billee, Zoe, Jared, Wesley, William, Mia, Maxim, Elliott, Rowan, Mabel, Leo and Charlotte.

He was a true patriot and loved America. He truly felt that this was the greatest country in the world. He cherished his mother, revered his father and loved his siblings. He had a great voice and would always sing Frank Sinatra songs. "When You're Smiling " was his favorite. Herb was a great dancer and tennis player. Things that he loved includes his family, friends and social activities, veterans and VFW Post 5481, chocolate, the warmth of the sun, cats, ice cream, Cadillacs, making Tik Toks with his great-grandchildren, being with Billee and Jared and so much more. He was always smiling, charming, talkative and had interesting stories to tell. He was a "people person" and loved to go out to dinner where he would talk to everyone in the restaurant.

He would lecture at the schools in town, every time that he was asked. The lecture included his biography, with emphasis on WW11 and his battle history, complete with a slide show presentation. He loved meeting the students and giving them a first hand account of the most famous battles in history. He was a living legend and part of the "Greatest Generation." He emphasized comraderie, patriotism, being kind and looking out for one another. He will be greatly missed.

The Herbert Terner Memorial Scholarship will be established this Veteran's Day by the VFW Post 5481 and will focus on the meaning of being an American. The subject matter, the VFW and veterans everywhere were very important to him.

He will be greatly missed

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