Lewis Schwartzman
Tuesday, 16 September 1930 - Monday, 24 November 2014
Lewis Schwartzman
Funeral Date: Friday, 28 November 2014
Lewis Schwartzman passed away peacefully at the age of 84 after a four-month period of illness. His brother-in-law, with great understatement, called it "his remarkable string of difficulties."But it's important to remember that for over 83 years, he lived a healthful life. He hardly ever was sick and never was seriously injured. He was independent and drove until the day he fell ill. We should all be so lucky.

He loved his cars. He always had Oldsmobiles. They even made a commercial about him--This Is Not Your Father's Oldsmobile. When they stopped making Oldsmobiles he bought Buicks, which were just like Oldsmobiles. If he will miss anything worldly, we are sure it will be his car.

He liked to sew and was good at it--a skill he learned from his father who was a tailor. He used to sew the hems of his granddaughter Julianna's Halloween costumes. Another hobby was building model cars and ships with intricate detail. In fact, as a teenager he carved a model Yankee Clipper plane that is now displayed in his grandson Peter's room. He loved a bargain. He liked to go with his work buddies to a store called Odd Lots and buy socks. In going through his things, his wife found bag after bag of brand new socks.

He had a good sense of humor and especially liked Calvin & Hobbes, the cartoon. This is a passion now shared with Peter. So when you read Calvin & Hobbes in the paper or online, think of him. He was a man of great intellect—one of the smartest men we have ever known; this is perhaps what we will miss the most.

He will be missed by his wife of 53 years, as well as his son, daughter, son-in-law, two grandchildren, and all those whose lives he touched.

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